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What Are Six Pack Abs?

What Are Six Pack Abs?

The video below explains what are six packs and how you can develop them. 

So a new month is here and you want to start the month off right. You want to start feeling and looking better than ever. And I got you, as a matter of fact I got you so good, you’re going to start developing a good problem. As in women won’t be able to keep their hands off of you. And I’m talking about developing a six-pack of course, it’s one of the sexiest things a guy can have. And you want to hear something crazy? Almost all of you reading this article right now, you have a six-pack, It’s there but you just can’t see it yet. And today I’m gonna go over the top 5 reasons why your six-pack isn’t showing. The number one reason why your six-pack is not showing, it’s probably because you have a thick layer of fat, that’s covering it. You can do all the crunches in the world, every single day, you’ll develop a strong amazing core but if there’s a layer of fat there, you’re never going see your six-pack.

And of course you’ve heard it before, you need your nutrition on point. But to add on to that, I have an easy hack for you. Drink green tea every single day, at least one cup according to the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, drinking just one cup of green tea every single day can accelerate your body’s breakdown a fat by one-third.

This is great news for you because I got a pack of my 25 for 3 bucks of iHerb, which if you want to check out this it’ll be linked down below. But this rolls us on to number two, nutrition and supplements. Of course like I said green tea alone isn’t gonna shred the fat for you, it is a booster and will help accelerate the fat burning but you’re going to also need to cut out what you probably love.

Which is the processed sugars and many of your fats to help remove or reduce some of your love handles. Again you can also speed up this process with certain fat burners, like I said in addition to your proper nutrition you can add fat burners to help speed up the process and shred some of that fat. Another important nutrient for your 6-pack to show is protein. Just like any other muscle in your body, you need that protein to grow bigger and stronger and your abs crave it. Generally for easy math, you’re gonna want to intake around one gram of protein for one pound of muscles.

So if you weigh around 180 you can guesstimate that you want to intake around 180 grams of protein a day. Now if you’re not achieving that goal or can’t afford buying that much meat every single day, then that’s where supplements come in and a good protein powder is exactly what you’re looking for. You can supplement for example a shake with a protein powder to help you meet that goal. I personally buy my protein powders off of Which is great because it’s unflavored, so you can actually add fruits or whatever else you like to actually have a delicious shake and not something that’s gross.

They have over 35,000 different products and supplements everything from Beauty, nutrition, to lifestyle, to what you eat, you can even grocery shop on there. They also shipped to over a 160 different countries, which makes it the perfect one-stop shop if you’re looking for Fitness, nutritional products that you want to buy online for a fraction of the price. So if you for the new year, want to hop into that healthy lifestyle, want to achieve your goals, make sure you check out iHerb.

They have like I said a range of products at really discounted prices and they have all the major brand names as well. So you have your optimum nutrition protein powder, which is probably one of the most popular ones, you can get on there as well for a very competitive rate versus what you’ll find in other stores. On top of that, they have their own in-house brand that produces a lot of supplements as well that most of the time will also be heavily discounted versus up high your brand name products.

If you guys want to check out any of the products that I’m mentioning or supplements that I mentioned in this article, I got them all iHerb, so if you guys want to check them out, there’s going to be a link down below. So you guys can browse and check it out. Like I said, even if it’s not these products go online they have thousands of products and you’ll pretty much find something you’re gonna love.

You guys wanna check it out? There’s gonna be a link down below. Now the third step to get your abs to show is to actually work out, if you really want to nail down and chisel your abdominal section, you’re gonna want to target it just like you do any other muscle groups, like your biceps, or your triceps. So the best part you can do a lot of these movements for free. Your crunches, your leg raises, your planks, all these movements you can do a hundred percent for free from the comfort of your home. And if you want to upscale it or take it to the next level most of the equipment is minimal and super inexpensive.

For example, you have your ab roller and ab mat you can get this for around 20 to 25 bucks of iHerb and it’s a great machine to really target your core and build a strong core. Do a couple sets of these and you’ll just feel how tight your core feels and it’ll do a great job of thickening your abdominal muscles and make them protrude even more and show off. The fourth thing if everything else fails, just paint them on, To an extent, I’m not actually kidding, if you notice a lot of guys look more chiseled, when they have a tan, when they are a little bit darker, when they have a darker skin complexion.

This is why a lot of physique competitors end up getting tons of coats of spray tan to look more shredded and chiseled. So if you’re already starting to develop your abs and you want to make them show even more, get a tan, go to the beach. When you get that darker skin complexion your definition is gonna show even more. And finally the fifth thing you wanna do to make your abs show, you need to rest. This is the one tip that no one cares about but it’s the most important.

This is the time when your growth hormone is spiked through the roof and your muscles are replenishing and growing. On the contrary, if you fail to get your “zzz” your body’s gonna start feeling stressed and it’s gonna start producing and increasing a stress hormone cortisol, which encourages the storage of body fat. Alright boys, so that’s it for this week’s article. I hope you enjoyed it, if you did don’t forget to drop us a like down below. Also if you guys want any other product that I talked about in this article, I’m going to have them linked below in the order that I talked about them.

I got everything off of Iherb, like I said before they’re an amazing one-stop shop if you want a healthy lifestyle, with over 35,000 products and shipping through almost everywhere in the world. This is a resource almost every guy should look at. So if you guys want to check out their wide selection, go ahead and check them out, they’re gonna be linked down below. That’s it for me today, see you next time. .


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