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Powerful Uses and Benefits of Frankincense

In this article, I’m going to train you on the top uses and benefits of the most powerful essential oil in the world, frankincense essential oil. Frankincense has been used for thousands of years for treating many conditions related to the immune system, inflammation and even cancer. I’ll discuss about where all those benefits come from in this detailed article.

So let’s start off talking about the amazing history of frankincense oil. First off, again, we know it’s been referenced for thousands of years. In fact, it’s referenced in in the Bible when the three magi, also called the wise men, brought the infant Jesus gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Frankincense has been referenced to being as valuable as gold throughout history because of its medicinal benefits. Also, in looking at frankincense, there are many different types of frankincense, and its scientific, or Latin name, is called Boswellia. So when you are buying frankincense, you want to look for a brand that follows organic standards in their farming, a brand that’s therapeutic grade, and specific species of frankincense.





 My favorite species is called Boswellia frereana. It’s a type of frankincense that’s found out of the Middle East, oftentimes areas like Oman, a very, very powerful type of frankincense, and it’s called Boswellia frereana. Also, there’s Boswellia carteri, which is oftentimes found in Somaliland of Africa, and then, also, Boswellia sacra, or Boswellia serrata. Oftentimes those are often found in India today. So again, there are many types of frankincense.

 You want to find a frankincense that’s therapeutic grade, certified organic, and sourced indigenously when buying frankincense.

Now let’s talk about some of the incredible benefits and how to use this super oil on a regular basis. The number one benefit that you’re going to find in a lot of studies today is frankincense’s ability to fight cancer. Now frankincense contains a compound called alpha pinene, and pinene has actually been shown to have antiseptic properties, and in terms of petri dish studies, has been shown to fight cancer.

That doesn’t mean that frankincense oil is a cure-all. It does mean, though, that along with other therapies, frankincense oil could potentially be a natural cancer agent. Now there actually was a case study done on frankincense oil, and it’s been shown to be effective at actually fighting skin cancer. If you know somebody with skin cancer, frankincense oil could potentially be, according to research, a treatment, again, not an only cure, but again, a treatment to be used along with other things in fighting skin cancer.

So again, the anti-cancer properties of frankincense are powerful due to the sequesterins that are found in there, as well as alpha pinene and the other beneficial compounds found in frankincense. Now, here is the second big benefit of frankincense, it is incredible for your skin. If you struggle with acne, if you struggle with, especially scars, or stretch marks, or any type of mark or redness on your skin, frankincense has the ability to even out skin tone. It’s great for age spots, sun spots, acne, again, and any type of cellulite, varicose veins, any type of skin issue. Frankincense is probably one of my top two essential oils for anti-aging of your skin.

Third big benefit of frankincense essential oil is its ability to reduce inflammation. That might be its most powerful benefit. The Boswellia species of frankincense is known for reducing inflammation, especially when it comes to your joints. So again, if you have joint inflammation, skin inflammation, or any inflammatory skin condition, start using frankincense on a regular basis.

 Now, the main way I recommend you use frankincense is topically, okay? So again, if you’ve got a skin issue developing, hey, about two to four drops of frankincense on an area, or mixing frankincense oil with a carrier oil, or something thick, kind of like a shea butter, okay, shea butter, jojoba oil, coconut oil. Mixing it in that area, rubbing it directly on the skin is so beneficial. Also, therapeutic grade and certified organic frankincense has been shown to be GRSA. That means it’s safe to take internally in proper dosages. Typically you can do two drops on your thumb, rub it on the roof of your mouth.

It’s a great way to actually get it into your body internally, or taking it in capsule form to naturally reduce inflammation within your body. Some more benefits of frankincense and using it on a regular basis.

Another one of my favorite uses for it is for supporting the immune system. If you want to protect yourself against different types of bacteria, or getting a cold and flu, let’s say if you’re going to the office, or your kids are going to school, taking several drops of frankincense and rubbing it on the lymph nodes of the neck is a great way to naturally support the immune system. Another big way that I love to use frankincense oil is for meditation and prayer to increase spiritual awareness. In fact, the Eastern Orthodox Church often still uses frankincense.

That’s where we got the word incense. The smell of frankincense, because of its great smell and its ability to reduce brain inflammation, which in turn allows you to better focus, pray, connect with God, meditate and have clear thoughts in thinking. So again, frankincense oil, amazing. I know some yoga instructors who diffuse it during class.

 I know I, myself, oftentimes I wake up in the morning and anoint my head with oil with frankincense and myrrh and then spend time being grateful, with visualization, with prayer, reading scripture. All of those things are great, and a major benefit of using frankincense oil. Remember this, one of the things that I always say, when in doubt, use frankincense. If you want to know the best essential oil for its general health benefits, frankincense oil is one of the best because of how it benefits the immune system. It benefits your cells. One of the key benefits of using essential oils such as frankincense oils is that it helps build resistance to diseases and empowers your body to have a strong immunity. You can learn more about this concept from the video below.

It benefits your respiratory system. It benefits your liver. It benefits almost every cell and tissue and organ of your body. So again, frankincense oil, very, very powerful. So again, if you want to use the king of essential oils, frankincense is your best bet to take your health to the next level. And, don’t forget, if you want to learn more about the amazing benefits of essential oil, make sure you subscribe here to my YouTube channel.











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