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I haven’t been sick for 35 years, clear vision, clear mind, blood pressure is normal!

Using a simple home made remedy, Sarah Lee claims it has kept her away from chronic ill health. Well, before we see the secret remedy from the video below, here are a few anti-aging tips for your longevity.






Stop Drinking Too Much Coffee


Your adrenal glands become stressed when stimulated by drinking coffee, “According to Mona Dan, a specialist in Chinese traditional medicine and the owner of Vie Healing in Beverly Hills. “Our bodies are born with an essence that is held by our adrenals; as we get older, this essence fades away. Our memory and vision begin to deteriorate, as we grow older. We must assist the adrenals by limiting caffeine-the key ingredient in coffee, in order to maintain good health. This will help prevent ageing over the long term.


Take Regular Naps

Even as a fully grown adult, taking a daily nap is unquestionably vital if you skip out on important sleep hours during the night. A six-year study involving 24,000 participants discovered that those who occasionally slept during the day kept their hearts healthier. In fact, compared to people who never napped, individuals who napped for 30 minutes three times per week had a 37 percent lower coronary mortality rate.


Wear Sunglasses


Undoubtedly, wearing sunglasses is a terrific approach to shield your eyes from those extremely dangerous rays. But they’re also essential since they keep you from squinting. Trying to block the sun from your eyes may not seem like a huge concern, but over time, that repetitive facial expression can lead to wrinkles around your eyes.


De-Stress Your Life


We live in a world of constant stress and stressors. Even if it’s difficult to change, altering your response can have some anti-aging advantages. That’s crucial, according to Dr. Roizen, an anti-aging expert, because poor stress management can have a negative impact on one’s health and longevity. According to Dr. Roizen, learning stress management techniques such as guided imagery, meditation, deep breathing, or another discipline can lengthen your lifespan. Try this tip to relax: while you are battling the symptoms of stress,  place a finger on your belly button to feel it going in and out—and ensure that you are taking deep breaths.

Now watch the video below-Enjoy

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