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Why You Should Take A Boron Supplement: Boron Benefits for Your Hormones

In today’s article, I discuss briefly the health benefits of Boron, an essential trace mineral which acts as a co-enzyme in the body.

Well, there’s, absolutely nothing boring about Boron! Let’s. Talk about the benefits of Boron. Boron is a very exciting trace mineral. It’s primarily known to support bone mass if you have osteopenia or osteoporosis, but it does a lot more. It’s involved in wound healing, it aids your body in using estrogen, testosterone, vitamin d and magnesium.

So all these trace minerals and minerals and even hormones work together. It’s, also a very powerful anti-inflammatory.






It supports cognitive performance, it supports short-term memory, not necessarily long-term, but short-term. It decreases a side effect to chemotherapy that’s. Quite amazing. It has the ability to increase sex hormones.

I’m talking about estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and also it can prevent certain cancers. Now, if you want more information about what foods are high in boron, i put that link down below, but i will say that avocados are usually rich in Boron. .

You can learn more about the powerful benefits of Boron in relation to sex hormones in the video below.

Unfortunately boron is often depleted in the soils, especially in the US. Meaning that there is less available in produce and freshly grown foods. Some people opt to take a supplement.


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