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In today’s article. I will be talking about walking to lose weight.  I resumed walking again yesterday after days of relaxing at home during the lockdown due to the coronavirus. I felt fantastic and  I will keep up this activity for the next couple of days.  In addition, I will also check how much calories I burn in the course of the week.

Once more. did you walk today would you want yesterday hope it’s a hot day here in London I think if I but it no that is helping a little bit cell have just started my walk feel I can give as many calories as I did yesterday what you like and burn as many calories as I did yesterday alright I will update you guys in a sec hello okay I am I think I’m done be home with my other hand so I’m tired my face is red as I did two and half a mile walk today was the phone was ready by paying fellow I don’t know how hard that was but I’m finish for today.

I think I hit my 1000 calories how to build good hurt like hell hope today with hard got it feel who could it feel so good at what you have to go walk home good at the yeah I’m sweating people cry looking at me like I’m crazy it feel good so check the heart comedians yet but keep within I’m naturally a pity that but it bad one now are me Alvin 13 calories are burned I feel to get ifill anyone feels too good that like I want to keep going you know the address you get are I promise if you give it a try the current my fifty-fifth I probably did you give it a try you’re not gonna regret it especially hard so I wanted to tell you guides about the heart rate monitor you guys know what a heart rate monitor is this article discarded Priya good fast-forward through but for the people that don’t know what the heart rate monitor does it accurately count my calories my heart rate so I have I’m gonna show you I you’re gonna see a lot of weight on me but i wanna show you the heart rate monitor strap I have on home do you see it there okay cell that is tied to my watch my watch has my weight my birthday my height am all that stuff and then to calculate and it doesn’t have a calculation get that most accurate count calorie count and let me tell you that’s probably one of the best the best thing about me and there’s a lot of heart rate monitors out there that you can get but they’re kinda expensive this one it was like a hundred-dollar thing for 120 dollars which is cheatin’ if you want a decent a reminder but it’s a polar ft4 think and com stop respected if 120 young for 100 dollars or something like that but I checked into a lot of them and you can get like the Garmin one that one had like a GPS system within the heart rate monitor watch thing but you really don’t need to pay for back to be held you’re probably gonna have your cell phone listening to music what I am and your phone have a GPS track DPF like that so you guys don’t have to pay extra for one of those Garmin or the GPS that Hari monitors have the GPS on my do not have a GPS on it just have my focus was remain thing when I went to buy was I just wanted to have a good heart rate monitor with the strap around me so keep you motivated because as you’re walking thing beats that you if you’re not you have your heart rate at a certain wobble and you can always glance at it 3 okay I burn 300 calories okay I burn by I where just keeps you motivated like okay 100 more 100 or 200 more and I just like about let the knife even number and so %uh made let me tell you motivate deal so good any that my walk today officially he gets a shot at the game you see them yeah you can at 2053 need I’ll continue to burn calories as my body’s cooling down so it will go up probably another 100 calories it was hot today im 94 degrees and I started out in a way camp now but it was hard as hell anyway I hope you guys goal while ok me promise love it I can cell not walk let me know if you have a one of these heart rate monitors have questions with Mom by rumpled right into my home you look at me compete on the field breathing hard I’m going up he’ll hear



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