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How To Cleanse The Liver-The Liver Detox That Could Change Your Life.

Liver cleansing flush


This article gives a detail explanation on how to cleanse the liver. By cleansing the liver, we are talking about inducing the liver to purge all of the fats, old cholesterol deposits, gallstones, poisons, drug residues, and toxic waste stored therein. Before you embark on this cleanse/flush make sure you consult your physician to ensure that you do not have any underlying conditions that can complicate the outcome of the procedure. It is probably the most important health enhancing procedure you can undertake. It is also important that you first do a colon cleanse before a liver cleanse. Otherwise, when the liver dumps, it dumps through the bile duct. If the colon is congested, the waste can back up into the blood stream and make you feel very sick.


The Liver cleanse program


This is the Liver/Gallbladder cleanse program was made popular by Dr. Richard Schulze of and is one that I have recommended to dozens of my clients over the years with great success. It should be done first thing in the morning on an empty stomach for five days.







The items you need are the following


Grapefruit, lemons, oranges or apple juice

Distilled, spring or pure water



Olive oil







Detox tea: The tea helps with the flushing process itself, but also helps minimize any discomfort or nausea. The key herb in the tea is dandelion root, one of the strongest herbal lipotropics known. That is to say, it flushes fat deposits from the liver. Other herbs that you will find in a good detox tea include things like: ginger, clove, cinnamon, burdock root, and horsetail. Incidentally, some of the other herbs used in a good liver/detox tea (such as uva ursi, parsley root, and juniper berries) are also extremely beneficial to the kidneys

A liver detox tincture: The tincture is crucial in that it contains herbs that help the liver to rebuild and regenerate itself. A secondary benefit is that it will significantly reduce the liver’s release of LDL cholesterol. The key herbs include milk thistle, dandelion root, the perennial herb picrorhiza kurooa (sometimes called kutkin, or “Indian milk thistle), and artichoke or beet leaf. The liver/detox tincture is also a good place to include the antiparasitic herbs such as wormwood and black walnut. Along with the garlic that you are taking with the liver flush, this will drive virtually any parasite from your body


First thing on rising, drink 8 oz of pure water to flush your digestive tract.


An hour later, in a blender, mix up 8 oz of any fresh squeezed citrus juice (fresh squeezed apple juice or grape juice with all the sediment will work too), one graprefruit, one clove of garlic (increase by one clove each day), one tablespoon. of olive oil (increase by one tablespoon each day), and a piece of ginger about one inch long along with 8 oz of distilled water


Drink it down and follow with a fresh juice chaser to clear your mouth.


Fifteen minutes after consuming this drink, follow with two cups of the liver/detox tea. It is also important to take two droppersful of the liver/detox tincture 3 times a day while on the 5-day cleanse — and continuing after until the bottle is gone.


The Liver cleanse diet


Alongside a good liver cleanse protocol is the liver cleanse diet. Wholesome foods that are rich in antioxidant minerals are the backbone of a liver cleanse diet. These foods not only relieve stress on your liver and allow it to heal, they are also nourishing to the rest of your body and give you the energy and nutrients you need to stay strong and healthy. A holistic approach is your best bet for not only detoxifying your liver but also making sure that the rest of your body is in shape to support your liver as it heals and cleanses.


A typical liver cleanse diet calls for as much raw, unprocessed foods as possible. This not only eliminates many of the toxins that occur in heavily processed or manufactured foods but it also ensures that vital nutrients are not destroyed by the cooking process. Organic foods and beverages are also preferred, as pesticides and other added chemicals can take quite a toll on the liver.


You will also be advised of which foods and other substances you should avoid. Alcohol and over the counter medications are all filtered by the liver and should be avoided as much as possible. Foods that are excessively high in sugar, cholesterol and fat might also need to be eliminated as they are very taxing to the liver and can contribute to fatty liver disease and other conditions





What Can You Expect From liver cleanse.


If you are so inclined (and you should be) you should examine what you deposit in the toilet. Look for “stones.” The bile from the liver gives some stones their pea green color. But also look for black stones and red ones and brown one. Look for stones with blood inside them. (Note: Oftentimes, the olive oils converted into little “soap beads” in the intestinal tract, and many people confuse these little beads with actual stones.) If you do not notice anything, it does not mean it is still not working.


During the course of a liver flush/cleanse, it’s not uncommon to pass some 2,000 of these stones. Be happy. The more you pass, the healthier you become. You will see and feel a marked difference in your energy and health.

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