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How to Lose 40 lbs with This 7-Day Sugar Detox Menu Plan

Sugar addiction is on the rise. People are addicted to sugar from a variety of ways, from consuming candy bars, sodas, butterfingers etc. The addicts knows that these cravings are not good for them, yet they cannot stop. They look in the mirror and they are unhappy with what they see. In addition to all the health hazards that comes with consuming too much sugar.  At this point, we are all wary of how bad sugar is for our overall well-being, but it seems that we cannot ditch it anyway.

However, it is virtually impossible to avoid sugar, since it’s a common ingredient placed in nearly all foods that we consume on a daily basis. This helps to reinforce the addiction.

Excessive consumption of sugar increases the levels of dopamine the “feel good hormone” much the same as other drugs like cocaine, according to one study from Rivers State of University of Science and Technology (RSUST).


The researchers state that long-term consumptions of sugar will eventually prompt a reduction of dopamine levels. Hence, in order to avoid lenient states of depression and reach the same results, people need to consume even more sugar than usual, scientists explain.


If you can’t seem to resists that lovely smell of the chocolate cake, you are most likely a sugar addict.


Here are the most important reasons as to why you should be distinct from sugar in spite of everything:


It the root cause of obesity

Has no nutrition value whatsoever

Causes tooth decay

It’s very addictive

Promotes cancers

Increases the serotonin levels

Can cause migraines

May engender gallstones

Damages the immune system

Triggers adrenal fatigue

Produces ulcers

Weakens the eyesight

Prompts hypoglycaemia

Can cause arthritis

Causes premature aging

Raises the risks of diabetes



These are the same reasons we want to provide you with a splendid sugar detox menu which will help you control and eventually overcome your addiction. Check it out!




Breakfast – cheesy spinach with some baked eggs

Morning snack – tamari almonds

Lunch – low carbs cheesy sweet pepper peppers and a green salad

Evening snack – ¼ cup of low fat and part skim ricotta cheese, 2-3 drops of vanilla stevia and a ¼ tsp of vanilla extract

Dinner – spinach, cucumber tomato feta salad, and stuff chicken (baked)


Breakfast – sundried tomato feta frittata

Morning snack – tamari almonds

Lunch – spinach & chicken with pepper peppers

Evening snack – spinach and raw veggies

Dinner – turkey lettuce with mushrooms, peppers, and sautéed spinach

You can have cheese sticks as snacks throughout this whole day.





Breakfast – peanut butter protein smoothie

Morning snack – 3 egg whites, boiled

Lunch – Turkey lettuce cups leftovers, tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumber, and a green salad with vinegar, extra-virgin olive oil & regular olive oil

Evening snack – feta cheese with frittata

Dinner – a light vegetable soup, and grilled chicken. You can add some fresh herbs as an adhesive.

For this day, vanilla chia pudding is allowed to be taken as a snack, only without dairy or sugar.



Breakfast – Santa Fe Frittata’s

Morning snack – cheese sticks

Lunch – grilled chicken cilantro salad

Evening snack – peanut butter with some celery

Dinner – a crock pot chicken with a bean stew and small bites of Zucchini cheese

If you crave extra snacks for the day, you can have a cucumber with ½ a cup of the low-fat cottage.



Breakfast – Santa Fe Frittata’s

Morning snack – raw veggies dipped in a spicy Mediterranean feta sauce

Lunch – a bowl of soup, sweet peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, and a green salad with extra-virgin olive oil & regular olive oil

Evening snack – a green salad with feta cheese, cucumber, and tomatoes

Dinner – cheesy bread sticks

Again, vanilla chia pudding is your extra meal for the day, should you require one in the first place.



Breakfast – crust-free egg muffins

Morning snack – raw veggies dipped in a spicy Mediterranean sauce

Lunch – cheesy bread sticks

Evening snack – raw veggies dipped in a spicy Mediterranean sauce

Dinner – chicken drumsticks with garlic & lemon and Zucchini noodles

Your additional meal for this day is 3 hard-boiled eggs, without the yolks.



Breakfast – scrambled eggs with mushrooms and sautéed spinach

Morning Snack – ½ a cup of cottage cheese

Lunch – Zucchini soup and a light veggie soup

Evening snack – tamari almonds

Dinner – Green bean salad leftovers & chicken drumsticks

Sugar-free, dairy-free chia pudding will always satisfy the requirements for an extra snack.

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