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Fast Metabolism Diet-How You Can Burn More Fat

The primary function of a fast metabolism diet is simply to provide the right amount of fuel (at the right time) to keep our bodies alive and functioning. It accomplishes this through a complex series of chemical reactions…

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Flaxseed Nutrition: Benefits of Flax Seed and Flax Seed Oil

Flaxseed Oil is a powerhouse of nutrition and has shown to provide several health benefits. It is used to aid in digestion, helps to lower cholesterol, combats cancers and assist in sugar metabolism for those suffering from diabetes.┬áDid…

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What Are Alkaline Foods? Key Foods That Destroy Cancer and Disease

What are alkaline foods and why are they so important?Alkaline foods are foods that contribute to the alkaline state of the bodily fluids and this is measured by the PH or Power of Hydrogen. The PH level of…

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