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Exercises to Lose Back Fat Quickly | No Equipment Workout

In this article, we will be exploring exercises designed to lose back fat. We’ll be doing a back workout You can do it at home or anywhere, you won’t need any gym equipment There will be two movements that you will need a towel and that’s it! If you’re ready and let’s go! First we will warm up our body and especially our back with windmill Stand with feet wider than shoulder-width apart toes pointing out spread your arms straight out to the side Keeping your legs and back straight Rotate your torso to the right as you engage your lower back to bend down so that the fingers of your left hand touch The floor in between your feet your right arm should be pointing towards the sky Look up to your fingers to get as much rotation of your torso and shoulders as you can Make sure you’re keeping your back flat and your core nice and tight rotate in a controlled motion You don’t want to be jerking back and forth.

Watch the video below 

Your breath should quicken a little bit This is just the first exercise the burn will come very soon in our next exercise, so don’t worry if you are not feeling it yet I will show you our next movement while you rest Back lift lying face down with belly on the mat place your fingers behind your ears with your elbows up Feet shoulder width apart on the floor. This is your starting position. Two, one… Squeezing your lower back muscles raise your upper torso up as high as possible without lifting your feet off the floor This is one rep repeat for 45 seconds Remember to keep your neck neutral you’re lifting up your upper torso Not just your head and really squeeze your back every time you come up to work those muscles Because this is what your here for this is also a really good core exercise keep it up don’t stop This is my favorite time to remind myself my goals and why I decide to get started on this workout in this fitness journey It’s always hard in the beginning, but nothing is going to stop us Enjoy the sore and the burn because no pain no gain and yes if you’ve done my other workout You would know that is my favorite.

Core, two one, rest Alright next one is back squeeze Similar to the last one stay on the mat facing down reach both of your arms straight out to the front Slightly lift your head, shoulders and chest off the floor Keeping your core tight take a deep breath work your upper back muscles Squeeze shoulder blades as you bend your arms to the side while keeping them close to your body And then move your elbows backward as if you’re trying to have some touch behind your back I filmed some close-up videos here for you to reference to This is when you’re squeezing your upper back muscles and shoulder blades together as hard as possible then release your arms back to the front Keeping them straight and off the floor This is one rep repeat for 45 seconds your upper back muscles should be burning it needs you using the right muscles Keep up the good work, and don’t let it drop hang in there And you’ll get to rest once the 45 seconds are up, almost there Five four three two one Next one is Superman slide one of the best exercises for back, your abs the inner core, glutes and also hamstrings Same starting position as the last two three two one stop moving on your stomach with arms and legs extended keep your neck in a neutral position Keeping your arms and legs straight and torso stable squeeze your back muscles to lift your arms and legs up towards the ceiling at the same time as high as possible to form an elongated u-shape with your body Back arches arms and legs lifted several inches off the floor lower back down to complete one rep Repeat for 45 seconds keep breathing.

I know your back muscles are getting sore, but you want this workout to work So don’t give up even when it burns Five four three two one rest This one is wing fly this time instead of starting with your arms straight out in the front have them right next to your body Hands next to your thighs palms facing down again legs up back squeeze slightly lift your head shoulder and chest off the floor inhale and exhale as you squeeze Your shoulder blades and upper back muscles together Here, I also have a close-up video for you so that you’re working the right muscles and not just flopping your arms up and down Enjoy the burn guys we in turn are doing it right here together with you. Don’t quit on us Let’s keep the burn going and make this workout worth your 10 minutes of pressure Five four three two one rest We are halfway through good job you guys you’re doing so good, so let’s get this an extra push with Superman hold It’s exactly the same as Superman fly, but this time once we lift our arms and legs up to the u- position We’re not coming down.

We are staying there and holding that position for 45 seconds breathe in breathe out keep on squeezing those back muscles for the ultimate burn Try to hold it as long as possible without dropping down you can do it I really debated whether to drop my arms and legs down first I can lift them back up But I decided to hold on to it just for a couple more seconds just to surprise myself what my body could achieve Challenge yourself and really try to hold it as long as possible until failure if you really have to drop down for a sec That’s okay But remember to time and try to hold it for a tiny bit longer the next time you do this exercise So that you can keep progressing and feathering it up Five four three two one To go you guys are killing it next one is arm and leg raise you can take a little breather It’s relatively easier than the rest of this workout Three two one start to position and come onto all fours This is a fantastic exercise for not just the back, but also the core and your balance and coordination First making sure your palms are under your shoulders and your knees are under your head Extend one arm forward and at the same time lift your opposite Leg behind you bringing it to hip height remember to tighten your core in order to keep your balance Return to the starting position and repeat with your opposite arm and leg This is not too bad right hang in there only a few more minutes to go Five four three two one Next one is swimmers lie back down on your stomach with your legs and arm extended engage your abs and tighten your inner core Three two one start Arms and legs off the floor like the Superman exercise But this time flutter your arms and legs keeping them straight to create a swimming motion Raise your right arm and leg at the same time and lower the opposite size and alternate between sides Continue for 45 seconds the goal is to keep the body stable and squeeze your back and glutes as you move your arms and legs We’re so so close to the end don’t quit on yourself.

Let’s get this done try your best to not drop to the floor Five four three two one rest Ninth is butterflies working the upper back and shoulders Similar to back squeeze lie on your stomach reach both of your arms straight out to the front slightly lift your head shoulder and chest off the floor two one start keeping your core tight Squeeze your upper back and shoulders to lift and draw the top of a half circle with your arms and landing nd them at the side Of your body then lift them back up and return to starting position Here is another close-up video for you to see how to squeeze your upper back muscles and shoulders to get the most out of this exercise Our backs in core a super sore at this point and yours should be too Let’s keep the burn going and don’t let us stop.

We’re almost done Five four three two one rest Last one is towel face pull, grab a towel if you don’t have one you can do it without too This is similar to back squeeze But having the towel there it gives more tension and keep your arms even closer to your body and hence you use your back muscles for a more intense burn Continue to lie on your stomach Feet on the floor reach both of your arms straight up to the front hold both sides of the towel at shoulder width Slightly lift your head shoulder and chest off the floor working your upper back muscles Squeeze your shoulder blades together as you bend your arms to the side while keeping them close to your body and then move your elbows Backward as if you’re trying to have them touch behind your back Then we reach your arms back to the front keeping them straight and off the floor This is one rep repeat for 45 seconds I know the burn is getting really intense you’re getting tired and really want to drop to the floor and rest and we can do That just very soon just hold on for another few seconds, and you will be done four three two one You’ve done it guys, I’m so proud of you good job in case you still want a bit more Here is a bonus exercise for you to try out This is totally optional, but it’s actually one of my favorite back and shoulders exercises it helps you train for a pull-up as well But you would need a smooth floor And you need to be wearing pants that are covering down to your knees for you to fly on the floor Basically you place your hands on the floor wider than shoulder width apart and then engage your back muscles to pull your body to fly On the floor towards your hands.

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