How Many Calories Are in an Orange?

 I’ve been asked how many calories are in an orange. Now a small orange that’s about the size of my fist is going to have about sixty calories in it. If you were to buy an individual fruit cup that was mandarin oranges, the little four ounce cups have roughly about ninety calories to them, ’cause they do have a little bit of syrup in them, it does say extra light syrup, but it is still a little bit of syrup.

How many calories does oranges have?
How many calories does oranges have?







So that’s going to have a little bit more calories to it. If you’re getting a very large orange that’s also going to have more calories, that’s going to be closer to about a hundred calories versus that sixty calories small orange. So it really depends on the size of the orange. The variety of the orange doesn’t have as much impact, if it’s a Valencia orange versus a Navel orange, they’re going to have about the same calorie level, the main thing that affects the calorie level is the size, the actual carbohydrate content is about the same no matter whether it’s a Navel orange or a Valencia orange or a mandarin orange, so again it’s primarily the size that has the biggest impact on your calorie level, you’re going to go from a low of about sixty to a high of over hundred depending on the size of the orange. .

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