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How To Get Rid of Acne…Fast

I’ve had lots of suggestions to treat acne in this article.  Acne affects a lot of people including myself, when I was a teenager. So in the video below you will learn some very powerful treatments. But first, some important information. Most people with acne are aged between 12 to 30 years old and men are more commonly affected than women. If you ever look closely at certain parts of the skin you’ll see tiny little holes which we call pores and these pores allow hairs and natural oils which we call sebum to flow out of them.

Sebum is a yellowish, oily substance secreted by the aptly named sebaceous glands that are found on nearly every surface of the body. Due to its unique composition, sebum seals in moisture and prevents skin from becoming over dry. It also has antibacterial properties, making it the body’s first defense against infection.

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Now these pores can sometimes become blocked and it’s usually due to the skin on top becoming thicker combined with dead skin cells. So once the pore is blocked the sebum, the oils that we produce are also trapped in there and this can lead onto acne which can either be mild to severe. Now that was a really simplified explanation but it’s going to help us understand the treatments and skincare we’re going to learn in the video below.

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