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Foods That Cleanse-Cleansing Foods That Heal and Revitalise

Food that cleanses the body is important part of living a healthy life. Foods can either cleanse the body or can clog and irritate your body. Foods can contribute to the build up waste in the bowels and cause you to get sick.  Food that cleanse will give you lots of energy while the wrong foods can leave you feeling low and ill.

While it is true that your body has the ability to cleanse itself, you still need to do your part. Especially now that we are constantly bombarded by toxins from the air we breathe, foods sprayed with pesticides, additives added to our foods, chemicals from tap water etc. Therefore helping the body cleanse becomes important. You need foods that cleanse to help your body do the job of keeping waste moving out.

The best foods that cleanse your body are easily digested. Digestion is a process that takes a lot of energy from your body. If your body is busy digesting, it will not have the extra energy to cleanse and heal itself. This is why it is said that you can cleanse your body or you can digest food, the body cannot easily do both.

The best foods that cleanse are fresh, whole, organic fruits and vegetables. These have no pesticides that can add to toxic build up and may clog your body’s natural cleansing ability.

Fresh fruits are considered to be natural cleansers for your body. They are full of fresh vitamin water to help your body flush waste. Your body can digest these very easily when eaten by itself. It is best to eat fresh fruit or drink freshly squeezed juices first thing in the morning.

Fresh, raw vegetables stimulate your body’s natural enzymes to work. They work in two ways to help your body cleanse; they are more easily digested and they stimulate your body to digest other foods quickly. This gives your body more energy for the cleansing process.

Foods that cleanse the colon: Flaxseeds

Flax seed are one of the best foods that cleanse the colon and are also an easy way to get extra fiber and colon-friendly nutrients into your diet. Ground flax seed can be added to smoothies or cereal and sprinkled on most foods without intruding too much on the flavour of the food

Flax seed is a powerhouse of healthy protein, essential fatty acids and fiber. It is easily digested and can keep you full for hours. Flax seed is one of the best foods you can consume for colon and intestinal health, as it acts as a natural, non-irritating laxative.

The fibrous, grainy texture of flax seed also acts as a natural scrubbing and cleansing agent for the walls of the colon and intestines, helping to keep them free of mucilaginous properties. It is unique in the world of grains in that is contains the highest concentration of lignans. Lignans are anti-fungal, anti-cancer, and anti-viral micronutrients.


Foods that cleanse: Foods that cleanse the liver, lymph and blood. Items listed below are most beneficial when eaten in their least altered states: fresh/raw or lightly steamed. If you have the option, vine-ripened and organically grown are pluses.

  • Water – this is THE ultimate body cleanser. Purified or filtered water is even better. Watch ‘vitamin waters’ so that they don’t contain high-fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. Plain, room-temperature drinking water is best
  • Lemons – lemon juice is perfect for cleansing your system. It’s also full of vitamin C, and grabs onto toxins that are then flushed out
  • Broccoli Sprouts – look for them at your health food store. They have up to 50 times more cancer-fighting power than the full-grown stalks.
  • Cabbage – this incredible vegetable increases the activity of both of the 2 main detoxifying enzymes in the liver. Raw or lightly steamed packs the biggest punch.
  • Fruits – loaded with vitamin C, fiber, fluids and antioxidants, to name a few benefits.
  • Garlic – the more, the better! The Italians know what they’re doing! You can add it to salads, sauces, juices, take capsules. It activates the liver enzymes that help filter out junk.
  • Green Tea – this tea is rich in antioxidants; try to find a naturally decaf version. It contains catechins, which increase liver activity..
  • Psyllium – rich in soluble fiber, like oat bran. It absorbs toxins and cholesterol. You can mix powdered psyllium into juice or sprinkle on food. Or you can have psyllium-fortified breakfast cereals, breads, muffins.
  • .Watercress – this can be added to salads, soups. Has a diuretic effect that detoxifies your system.                    While you are cleansing, follow the normal and healthy diet rules; drink plenty of fresh, spring water, do not eat junk foods, minimize processed foods and don’t skip meals. These will definitely hurt all your body cleansing efforts. Eating the best foods that cleanse should be part of your detoxification efforts.


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