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Detox Drink to Remove Belly Fat in A Single Night

Detox Drinks to help you lose weight and detox your body from toxins and waste. One of the fundamental and easiest ways to cleanse the colon and liver is by using detoxification drinks. You can use them to either relieve problems of constipation or improve bowel movements. They should be used as part of your overall cleansing and detoxification protocol.  The herbal detox drink below is designed to help you remove belly fat in a single night.

One of the most common detoxification drinks is the use of Lemon Juice in warm water, especially when you have not consumed your breakfast or even that of your lunch. This is one of the better drinks that a person can get into mainly because is is easy and can activate the organs of the body providing them with enough energy to enhance their functions. In addition, it’s going to maintain the colon free from any food particles that are acidic.

Natural medical experts would usually recommend the intake of detoxification drinks during a fast to help quicken the cleansing of the body. There is a variety of available detoxification drinks that usually contain natural herbs and have healthy benefits of cleaning the body and purifying it. Detoxification drinks, specifically the herbal cleansing tea, is one of the most natural and safest ways to heal the body with the wastes and toxins that have accumulated within it. Nonetheless, the supervision or consultation of a health professional is needed before actually deciding to drink any of these herbal cleansing drinks. Below I give some suggestions you might start with.


It is not possible to discuss any other drink before water which is known to possess healing power. Drinking it in good amount every day should help you keep the bowel movement healthy. Water can wash away toxins accumulated in the clone and also makes nutrient absorption easier. Constipation is another issue that can be prevented by drinking water in more quantity.

Sea Salt Water

Mix about two teaspoonful of sea salt in one quart of pure water and drink it at once. You can also squeeze half a lemon to it to taste, It is one of the most effective ways to flush out the accumulated toxins from colon. A good idea is to have this drink in the morning to experience cleaning of colon before eating anything. You will be left with a feeling of cleanliness from inside. It is also useful in eliminating the parasites present in the colon.

Lemon Drinks

Lemon drinks are the tasty solutions for colon cleansing and are therefore adopted by many people. One good preparation is adding maple syrup to the freshly squeezed lemon juice. A pinch of cayenne can also be added to make the drink even more effective. Use distilled or spring water to prepare this drink. You will become habitual of having this drink in routine and this will be of significant help in keeping colon healthy.

Fruit and Vegetable Juices

Juices extracted from fresh and organic fruits and vegetables have no match in draining toxins out of colon. Apple and papaya are among the best options to prepare colon cleansing juices. Acai berry juice is another option that facilitates colon cleansing due to high content of antioxidants and roughage present in it. You can drink these juices at any point of the day. Carrots, bitter gourd, broccoli and lettuce are among the best vegetables to prepare colon cleansing juices

Apple Cider Vinegar

Add one tablespoonful of apple cider vinegar in a big cup of boiling water. Add one teaspoon of honey an equal quantity of blackstrap molasses. Stir well and drink it to stimulate the process of digestion. Apart from improving the speed of digestion, the drink should also help in cleansing the intestines.


Herbal Drinks

Herbs are the sources of a number of colon cleansing drinks that help in the process in a natural way. Herbal teas can be prepared from a number of herbs and these are widely recommended to clean colon and other parts of digestive system. Nutritional pioneer Dr. Bernard Jensen had a great quote, “When you’re green inside, you’re clean inside.” This herbal green drink was crafted specifically to help me ingest more nettles and experience the above quote. If you are new to the power of nettles you are in for quite a treat with this recipe, and if you are already ingesting nettles, this is a great way to mix up the way you are using it. How to deal with that extra pounds around the waist? I have found a simple way to lose belly fat in a single night. No more dieting, no more exercising – meet a magical bedtime drink!


1. Nettles tea – 1.5 cups

2. Green Apple – 1

3. Green Pear – 1

4. One handful of wild nettles

5. Vitamineral Green – 1 Tablespoon

6. Agave syrup – 1 Tablespoon

Preparation Instructions:

First make nettle tea by steeping the dried herb and water for ten minutes in almost boiling water. You may want to try making a quart of the tea and keeping the extra in the fridge. It will last about three days. Next place the tea in a blender. Then core the apples and pear and add to tea base. Finally, add the remaining ingredients and blend until smooth. Serve and let the green clean you on the inside!

Note: Once wild nettles have been harvested (with gloves on!), properly dried, and then blended, the sting of the nettles is gone.






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