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Does size matter to a woman? What do women really think about size? Does   size matter to a woman at all? And come to think of it, what is the average size? Hi, I’m Katy Allen, and today we’re going to talk about size, and I’m going to be revealing the research that I conducted recently into whether size matters for a woman or not.

So I conducted a survey prior to doing this article, and I asked women two questions, and these were the two questions: does size matter to you, and, if so, why? And the second question was:  if size doesn’t matter, then what does? So, what I’m going to be doing is sharing those comments with you today, and the results of this research.









And I’m also going to be talking to you a little bit about my own, what I’ve actually learned from doing this research too. But before that, I had to do some research into what is the average male size, because who knows.


So I referred, well, I looked at the research, and the research is really interesting. I’m going to bust the myth right from the word go. There’s   little to no evidence that size is related to shoe size, nor is it related to ethnicity, race, nor is it related to sexual orientation.


So, we can bust those myths right from the word go. Now, the best information I found was from Bruce King’s article excellent review, and I’ve got that listed above and also linked below.


So if you want to get the   information that – a lot of the information that I’ve got from for this article, you can refer to   that. So the first thing that I found out was that most research has been self-reported.


So   that means that researchers have asked for like a personal vote to say, what’s your size. So really, like, how big was the fish that you caught. So it was open to any sort of response from respondents.


And you can also imagine that only certain men would respond, and maybe, larger size men. So looking further into this, I actually found the information from the real clinical studies   that have been done.


And this is when size, and I’m talking about excited size, so that I can get this video through YouTube –  I’m talking about excited size. Most men think   that excited size is this big, so  six inches, so six inches and above.


That’s what the average male thinks. However, when the clinical researchers looked into   actual size and measured it in the clinic rather than self-reporting, this is what they found,   and I’m going to show you the difference  here.


So they actually found that actual size   is 5.1 to 5.5 inches. So this is the actual size, but this is where men think excited size is. So in Bruce’s article, he actually says that this is leading to some big issues for men in terms of self-esteem, in terms of actually getting   surgical enhancements that are really  dangerous and not recommended by the   American Urological Society.


So this is a really big problem that’s not well discussed. So now, back to my research, which is what you want to hear, I’m sure. What do women really   think? So out of the 25 women that I surveyed  – and this was a survey of women from 21 years,   and I did have one respondent, a bit of an  outlier, she was 87 years old, these women   were married and unmarried, you can actually read  the results or read the description of the survey   below, and I’ll put a link to that article as well  – so the results were overwhelmingly, for women,   size does not matter.


21 out of the 25 respondents said no, size does not matter. There was one woman   that was sitting on the fence. And there were another three that actually said size does matter. Now, let’s have a look at their real comments, and then I’m going to share with you my own views of what I’ve learned from this research, and maybe some take home messages too, some key take home messages for you guys.


Okay, so let’s move to the comments. I’m going to reveal the first – the first comments I will   reveal are the ones that were actually the yes.  I’m going to reveal two of these comments to you.


The first one was, yes, size matters, feels heaps better and more pleasurable. This was a woman aged   56. The second yes was, yes, it does matter, I don’t think I’ll get pleasure because of society   norms, and this was a woman aged 22.


The only  fence sitter was to the question size does matter,   she said, yes, size does matter because it’s  a lot more pleasurable in a sensory way,   but there’s a lot more to great intimacy than  size.


And this was a woman aged 49 years old. Now, finally, with the respondents that actually said, no, size does not matter, I’ve actually had   to categorize this because this became evident that there are a certain number of themes coming   through to what actually did matter to women.


And this is what they said to me. The first thing I’ll   put under self-confidence and technique. This  was a first responder from a 56-year-old woman:   totally size does not matter, it is the heart  that matters, the inside bit, people need to   be comfortable with their form.


Another one along those lines: no, I’ve experienced different sizes,  and, to be honest, the best involves other  parts. Knowing a woman’s body is what matters, because once that is understood, size does not  matter at all.


And that was a woman aged 39. Another comment along these lines, if you’re big and don’t know how to use it,   it’s pretty pointless; if you’re small,  but know how to use it, it’s fantastic,   regardless of size.


And finally, along this particular theme, size doesn’t really matter, more important is technique, honesty and passion. Okay, so we’ve got that first theme of self-confidence and technique.


The second thing was enjoyment, and what mattered to women was enjoyment.   And one woman, aged 69, says, his size doesn’t matter, it’s about pleasure and fun. And the average woman doesn’t have a tape measure in their pocket.


Now finally, this was quite surprising to me.  A number of women actually mentioned physical   comfort and discomfort associated with large size. And this is what they said, one woman,  actually who responded to me via  email:  I’m 48, size Matters after hysterectomy and pelvic   floor repairs.


I’m shallow, I can definitely not handle anything too large comfortably. And I think   this is a really important comment, because the major surgery in women is hysterectomy.   So we need to think about the fact that large size can be causing issues for women that   have undergone pelvic surgery.


And let’s face it, this is a large number of women. I’ll just read two more of these: In terms of physical comfort, no, large size can feel   very painful. I experienced that once only, and there’s no going back for me.


And she was 23.   And the last comment is: no, I think men have  a distorted sense of what an average size is,   and the misconception that larger equals better,  when, for many women, large size is uncomfortable   and painful.


If that’s all that mattered, then women would just go straight for the   XL size battery powered devices and stop dating altogether. And this was from a woman aged 34. So I think that’s quite revealing, isn’t it?  I hope you find that information interesting.


And again, I’ll have all those comments unedited, in the link below that you can find in the description. So I think from this, there’s three key take home messages. The first take home message for most   men is that most men underestimate their actual size compared with that of other men.


The second   take home message is that for most women, size doesn’t matter, it’s other things like technique, it’s like compassion, enjoyment. And also too, for some women, large size is actually painful.


Now, my own personal view is that I’ve been surprised by the information that I’ve received, especially the information in terms of pain. But I think that if a man focuses on   not that how he’s performing, so focusing on what he’s doing, rather than how he’s performing, and instead stay in the moment, then he really can’t go wrong.


So, I really hope this information helps you   understand what women feel important to them during intimacy. And also, I really welcome your comments and thoughts about this issue in the comment section below.




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