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Water Fast-A Guide to A 3 Day Water Fast

In this article, you are going to discover how to do a 3 day water fast.

This is actually a really cool topic because it is actually one of my favorite fast to do. You have heard me write about doing a 3 day bone broth fast, which I like too but a 3 day water fast is great. It’s very doable, it’s something that is not hard to do and when I talk about this 3 day fast, I am referring to a 36 hour fast. So you are fasting 3 consecutive days in a row. The number one reason I like it is out of convenience.

water fast

water fast








When you are fasting, it is a really good idea to make sure you are not really pushing your body hard. It is time to let your body rest a bit. It is time for your body to restore and when you are fasting you don’t want to be pushing your body to the limit and hitting hard exercises and working long hours. That is not what you want to be doing. The reason it works so well out of convenience is because i like to jump into a 3 day fast on a Friday, fast Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Now when you go into a 3 day fast typically the first day is not bad.

You have a lot more energy, Friday you are going to have enough energy to get through your work day. Come Saturday you are going to have a little bit more of a depleted energy. So the good knows is that is a Saturday and you are not working on Saturday, you have the opportunity to rest a little bit, take a nap whatever you need to do. Same on Sunday, usually on the third day your energy starts to creep back up a little bit.

The good news is if on Sunday you have the opportunity to rest, you can and you can break that fast on Sunday night. Once again that is great because two of the days you were off, you were resting, you weren’t working. Then going back into your work schedule on Monday, if that is how your work schedule is then you are able to eat and have energy to get through the week. Out of convenience that is why I really love the 3 day fast. Now, let’s jump into a couple details of it.

The first one is ketosis, when you are going into a 3 day fast, 4 day fast, or even a 7 day fast whatever have you, it is always best to go into it in a state of ketosis. So it’s best to prepare yourself for going into the fast so being ketosis is beneficial so you are not changing from sugar burning to fat burning during the fast. What that will allow you to do is not have a big crash. Being in a state of ketosis before going into a 3 day fast is a really great way to prepare yourself for it.

The next big question is what kind of water can I drink? Flavoured water, sparkling water, mineral water? So here is the deal, flavored water will likely make you hungry. So i don’t ever recommend drinking flavoured water. Sparkling water is typically just fine, the other thing that is great too is drinking a sparkling mineral water or just a mineral water in general.

And the way you can drink mineral water is simply by taking a cup of water and actually here is a little trick. You take a cup of water, put a little sea salt in it, mix it up and drink that. That will replace your electrolytes, help you feel alot better, help energize you a bit and that will be great. When it comes to the type of water i also like using the distilled water. Distilled water is pure H2O, we know it is chemical free, toxin free, we know that it is pure H2O. That is why they use it in labs, so distilled water is always a great resource for pure water.

Moving on to supplements over here. A Lot of people ask me do I take supplements during this time. When you are fasting it’s not really the time to focus on your supplements because you have all this other time to take supplements, we really want the body to do its thing. Fasting is a time to detox, heal and do its thing and supplements aren’t really necessary on that.

I recommend on a 3 day water fast you withhold the supplements and focus on that either prior or after the fast. The next big question I always get is medication. Should I continue taking them or should I not and that is a topic you should discuss with your doctor and come up with a plan with your doctor as to how you should navigate a fast while on your medications.

You know as a rule of thumb you should never just go off a medication that you are on without talking to your doctor. So work with your doctor on how you should navigate a fast along with your medications.

Now last topic is breaking the fast. I think this is very important, I think breaking the fast is as important as the fast itself. So, when it comes to breaking your fast it’s important that you do it correctly. Most people are very hungry at that point, so they want to slam themselves with a big meal. You should actually eat very lightly, you should start with steamed vegetables and so that your body is able to break those down very easily. I also like to have a bone broth during that time, I also recommend probiotic rich foods.

bone broth for water fast

bone broth for water fast







That is a really great way to make sure you are getting lots of probiotics reseeding the gut with probiotics during that time, home making some probiotic rich foods like sauerkraut and kimchi, kimchi is a really great way to do that and so come off that fast very gently, very lightly, steamed vegetables, probiotic enriched foods, and then you are going to really see a lot of great results with a 3 day water fast. Now if you haven’t seen my other video on fasting check that out because that is going to really sum up all the benefits you are going to get out of doing a three-day water fast.

Next, I am going to talk what to do before you commence a water fast. This is really important because a lot of people want to go into a 3 day water fasts or a 7 day water fast and they just want to jump right into it. But the truth is that there’s many things that you can do in order to make this whole process much easier for you. What I recommend is that you implement them for 1 week leading up to your 3 day or 7 day water fast.

So let’s go ahead and jump right into intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting if you’re not familiar with it is when you fast for 16 hours and you eat within an 8 hour period. Doing intermittent fasting for 1 week prior to your water fast is really going to set your physiology up to really understand what’s happening when you jump into that 3 or 7 day water fast. As a result of doing the intermittent fasting you’re going to drop your insulin levels low. You’re going to decrease your blood sugar in a big way. And you’re also going to just prepare yourself mentally. Because if you’re not someone who’s used to fasting at all jumping into a 3 or 7 day water fast mentally can be a little bit challenging.

So the intermittent fasting is a very powerful way to start. Now the other thing I want you to focus on during the intermittent fasting is to eat 2 meals and that is it fine, with no snacking. Now I know many of you think well I don’t snack or that’s not me. But we’re all guilty of walking to the kitchen and grabbing a piece of fruit or maybe grabbing a handful of almonds or something along those lines that we don’t even really think much about.

But what it does is it raises up our insulin levels, raises up our blood sugar and as a result it messes with our fast. So once again we’re really trying to prepare our body for that fast. So doing intermittent fasting with two meals is simply two meals without any snacking in between meals. Now the other thing that we want to talk about is drinking water. During this one week, we really want to focus on only drinking water.

Because imagine once we do those three day fast or the 7 day fast that’s all we’re drinking. So stay away from sugary drinks like kombucha. Stay away from excessive amounts of coffee. That is also going to be very important, because when you do your three or seven-day fast, what happens if you’ve been drinking a lot of coffee and you go completely off that coffee, well you’re going to have a caffeine hangover. And you’re not going to feel very good. So make sure that you’re taking your coffee and really bringing it down to a very low level during this time and sticking to just drinking water.

Now drinking water is important too because you know if you’re someone who’s drinking like a kombucha you’re also going to spike up those insulin levels and your blood sugar. So back to the no snacking thing. We want to keep our blood sugar and our insulin low between those two intermittent fasting meals. So no snacking and stick to water. Last thing that’s going to be very powerful is following a ketogenic diet for that one week leading up to it.

If we can get our body into a fat-burning state before we start that fast it’s going to be so much easier to adapt. If we can already have our body transform from sugar burning to fat burning then what we’re going to find is that during that water fast it’s going to be so much easier there’s going to be way less crashes, you’re going to have way more energy and you’re going to feel so much better. If you want to learn how to get in ketosis super-fast check out the video on that.

Click here to watch.

So, I have given you multiple strategies on how to jump into that ketogenic state in a very short period of time. Now using this strategy right here for a 3 day water fast 7 day water fast is very powerful.

Now if you’re someone who is not ready to jump into just a strict water fast. Then what I recommend is you use the fasting mimicking diet. I also did a video teaching on the fasting mimicking diet that you can check out. And what that essentially is going to be is something that, it’s a diet that is very low in calories over a 5-day period. You can still eat, but it’s just much easier on the body. And for someone who’s suffering from a condition, someone who’s just isn’t quite ready to jump into that water fast it’s going to be a much easier route for you to take.



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