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How to Treat Your Sense of Smell after COVID? Home Recipe with No Medications

Did you lose your sense of smell? You’re likely having COVID-19 right now? Are there any other causes of a loss of smell and taste other than COVID-19? In this article I will give you a recipe to help restore your sense of taste and smell without any medications and something that you can use in your home.

What is the percentage of patients who lose their sense of smell after COVID-19? The answer is, it can vary from one area of the world to another and it ranges between 30 percent in some areas and reaches up to 87 percent in others, and the lack of smell can be the first sign of COVID-19 and sometimes can be the only sign that a patient can suffer from.  How does the COVID-19 virus affect the sense of smell? It mostly attacks the cells in the nose that support the nerve cells and these cells are supportive and creates an environment for the nerve cells to function. When virus damages those cells, it causes the loss of smell.

Covid sense of smell





So, when those cells come back, the sense of smell usually comes back. What are the consequences of lack of smell and taste on that daily living? Usually, when patients lose their ability to smell and taste food, they will become less interested in food and there will be loss of appetite.  And if they don’t eat, it Will affect their recovery and sometimes the food taste and smell changes, so you become aversive to that food and the need to eat.

Also, there is some safety measures that are affected by the lack of smell, so sometimes people could not sense and smell some dangerous things in the environment like. If there is a gas leak, you will not be able to smell it, and sometimes you can eat a bad food that you could not recognize that this food is bad.

Are there any other causes of loss of smell than COVID-19? Now, because of the mass increased numbers of COVID-19 patients, most common cause of lack of smell is COVID-19. However, there are lots of other causes that can cause loss of taste and smell, and they can be serious in people.

Also, there are brain tumours that can cause lack of smell. So, if you do have lack of smell that is not improving or you’re tested negative for COVID-19. You should see your doctor to make sure that you do not have brain cancer.

If you have been able to rule out any other illnesses or conditions that can affect your sense of smell, how can you treat your lack of smell and taste? The good news is that about 90 percent of patients will get their sense of taste and smell back within one to four weeks of the infection. Use supplements like zinc up to 40 milligrams daily and vitamin b12.

A word of caution here to the amount of zinc you consume. Now when we talk about taking zinc, you’re going to take about 20 to 35 milligrams daily according to the research. What most of the research says is that if you’re taking the zinc on a regular basis, you don’t want to be taking more than 40 milligrams per day.

Now, can you get zinc toxicity? Absolutely if you’re taking a super high dose for a long period of time, it is highly unusual that this ever happens to people. But of course, it can happen. There’s always going to be that one person out there who goes and just takes excessive amounts, but I’m recommending you don’t do that.

Next, there is a training that you can do at home. It’s called olfactory training, and this is a training of the nerves like physical therapy, but for your sense of smell. So the first step is that you want to identify four strong odours like you can use lemon. You can use oregano, you can use onions, you can use fruits, you can use even essential oils.


First, you take the object that you want to smell and put it in your nose and make a small sniff and do that for 20 seconds. And then let your nose rest for about one minute and then go to the next container and start smelling it for 20 seconds and then wait for one minute and go to the third. And then the fourth one. And I want you to do this for twice a day in the morning and at night and then do that for two to three months to get a full recovery of your sense of smell and taste.


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