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How To Do a Full Body Detox Using Enema or Salt Water Flush?

Today, I would like to talk about a very important subject. The subject of detoxing your body quickly. I’m not talking about those one week that involves consuming only water, or just fruit juices and stuff like that. A lot of people are asking me, should they do an enema or a salt water flush and what does it actually mean and why do we actually want to do it.
salt water flush

salt water flush

So in short, I’ll try to explain it. This is because people have written entire books on this subject. Why do we do an enema, to begin with. Our body wants to detox. What does it mean? We eat a lot of things, we have stress in our lives, we breathe in carbon dioxide all the time. And our body has toxins.
Each cell acts exactly like a regular human being. Each cell is conscious of itself, each cell has its own cleaning mechanism. That means that you have junk inside the cell, and then the cell takes out the junk into the space that is between the cells themselves.
Our digestive system, especially the last part of the digestive system is built in order to absorb. And the last part of our digestive system is where we take out all the excrement. 
And that part is also built to always absorb. So what happens when we eat junk and we eat anything that we usually eat. And we don’t eat like we ate 1000 years ago, only fresh organic fruits and vegetables, with little animal products.  What happens is that, everything that is left over in that part, the stuff that didn’t come out, is always reabsorbed by the body. That creates more toxins in the body because everything that is left there, that doesn’t know how to come out, or that is not pushed completely out, is just left on the sides.
Then it’s reabsorbed by the body, the body doesn’t have any other mechanism of cleaning itself. So it tries to excrete toxins through the skin. you see it through the skin-sometimes your skin itself smells kind of bad.
Toxins come out of the body in multiple ways. Now you will notice if you were googling enema, and zits or acne, you will notice a lot of teenage kids today actually found out that they can do enemas, and then they will have their face really clean because the body will not need to detox itself in that way anymore. So it won’t need to take it out from your pores.
That’s the main reason why we do enemas. Now, enemas only cleans the last part of the digestive system. It doesn’t clean the whole digestive system. I know some people go to these health clinics where they push the water inside and it goes a little bit deeper, that’s also good. But, it’s not perfect. The perfect way, if you really wanna do it and you have a few hours to spend doing it, what you want to do is to do a full salt water flush.
Now I’m this video below is going explain what enema means.

Enema means, that you’re going to the pharmacy and you’re getting one of these, okay? Over here, you just fill that with water, you hang it up and this part, goes up your ass. Okay it’s very simple. You open the valve, and it starts pouring and you’re actually filling up from your asshole up a little bit. 
Into your digestive system. And you put inside here, warm water. Some people would say distilled water. It doesn’t have to be. Some people would say coffee, some people would say, lemon and a little bit of salt. It’s just to help with the cleaning. The hot water, or the medium hot water, they help because it cleans up everything a little bit better. From my own experience, which I do this at least once a month.
After I got rid of the first fear of doing it, you know. This whole thing has about two liters. I usually put, the first course, I put about half a liter. And then you sit, you go like that, you clean everything inside. You let the warm water just clean everything from the inside. As long as you can hold it. Usually it’s about five minutes.
Take it out. And then when it’s a little bit clean, or the hard parts are a little bit cleaner, then you can do the whole other liter and a half. And then try to keep it inside of you as much as you can. It’s not going to hurt. Not some people do it a different way. This is my own way of doing it. I’ve been doing it for years. As you probably know, if you’ve been following me, I’m a  healthy person and I study everything as deeply as I can before I do it and before I recommend to subscribers to do it. The other way of doing it, which is called a salt water flush, that method is that you take a whole one and a half liter of any type of water, usually I will ask you to drink distilled, or fountain water that you buy. Not the nonsense that the government puts in our sinks.
You take about two teaspoons or one regular spoon of sea salt. Himalayan sea salt, not the regular type of salt that you have. But it’s supposed to be sea salt, recommended Himalayan sea salt. You can buy this in health food stores. You put it inside. Mix it up a little bit and then take about an hour to drink the whole thing. It’s better to do this not after you eat, meaning first thing in the morning, or after a short fast of a few hours at least.
Now what happens is that, the body will actually try to digest it as it recognizes the salt. And when it tries to digest it, it will take the liter and a half as quickly as it can through the whole digestive system. And because it’s just water, and because it’s with salt, it will actually take the chunks that needs to be cleaned out from your entire digestive system.
Now if you do this, and this is a recommendation but also a warning, you have to stay at home for at least three or four hours because you’re going to go to a lot of number twos. You’re going be on the toilet a lot and you’re going to see a lot of stuff that is coming out of you. Now again, enema, probably you’ll have to stay on the toilet for about half an hour, put a towel down, just lie there, play with it.
Feel that you’re shifting it. You know in the beginning, when you put the water in, you can make a handstand, let the water wink inside, clean it with your hands as much as you can. With this stuff you don’t have to do that. With this stuff, it just goes through the whole system but you’re going to waste about half a day. Don’t go on a date after you this. Don’t make any important meetings after you do this.
Don’t go to visit other people’s parents after you do this. You know the regular recommendations. This is the main difference. I really recommend it, that you read about it. And you should also know there’s a lot of different methods. Some people say two spoons, some people will say one spoon. Some people will say this particular type of salt. Test it by yourself.
Check it out, this is my recommendation. The very minimum that you should do it is at least once a month. Some people do it once a week. And you will feel great after it. And you will see that even if you have any sort of skin problems, it really helps you two days after. In addition to the lose of weight you will experience. You will feel great, you will understand that you’ve washed down, that you’ve cleaned up something. And if you’ve never done this in your life, the first time is the greatest.
Because you’re going see what comes out and you’re going to understand that for many of you, this will be a sureal experience. You probably haven’t had this deep cleansing in your entire life. And you’ll want to get used to it and doing it once in a while or more depending on your level of health. 

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