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Fastest Way to Burn Belly Fat In 2022

Fastest Way to Burn Belly Fat In 2022….Easily

I’m going to uncover the secrets to the fastest way to burn belly fat. So let’s jump right into this. So I am going talk about the fastest way to burn belly fat. So what I want to do is I want to give you a brief simplified science behind weight loss and then I also want to talk about strategy and this is obviously the important part but if we don’t understand it sometimes it can be a little bit confusing to jump into the strategy without a good understanding of the science behind weight loss. Now the body has two different fuel sources: one of them is sugar and the other is fat. Now the primary fuel source that the body uses is sugar. So our body is always going to burn sugar as a fuel source first. Now once the sugar as a fuel source runs out then our body switches to fat burning.

Fastest Way to Burn Belly Fat In 2019

Fastest Way to Burn Belly Fat In 2019





So in order to actually turn into a fat burner we have to first have burnt through all the sugar stores. Now when you have increased sugar in your body essentially what happens is it raises a hormone called insulin. Insulin is going to first of all not allow your body to burn fat when it’s at a high level but it’s also going to take all that sugar and it’s going to store it in the body is something called glycogen.

When glycogen is stored in the body it is going to be the fuel source that the body uses until the glycogen stores are all burnt up. It’s going to take time to burn through those glycogen stores. So we want to make sure that we’re not sitting there and fueling these glycogen stores as we’re trying to lose weight because it’s impossible to have a high amount of glycogen stored in the body, a high amount of sugar stored in the body and burn fat at the same time.

Fastest Way to Burn Belly Fat In 2019

Fastest Way to Burn Belly Fat In 2019







It’s just not going to work out. So if we want to burn fat we have to reduce sugar which is going to in turn reduce insulin and also reduce our glycogen stores in the body. So that essentially is the science behind how we’re gonna burn fat in the body. We want to turn our body into a fat-burning machine and when we turn our body into a fat-burning machine we’re gonna have our body using all the fat on our waist and our arms as a fuel source and that is how you win the fat loss game.

That’s how you actually you know burn on a regular basis and never worry about storing excess fat because our body’s continually burning the fat for energy. Now the other thing that’s important to know is that if you want to feel better right if it’s beyond fat loss if you want to feel better you want to burn fat for energy it’s a more sustainable fuel source.

When people are going through a lot of highs and lows and ups and downs and crashes throughout the day in many cases it’s because they’re burning sugar for energy. And as sugar the sugar levels go high they feel a high but when sugar levels go low they feel drowsy.

They feel that they have a headache, they don’t feel good at all, they have brain fog. But people who are burning fat for energy because it’s a more sustainable energy they have more clear thinking. They also don’t have those highs and lows. So fat is a more sustainable energy source for many reasons even beyond weight loss.

Now let’s go ahead and talk about the strategy behind weight loss and what we’re gonna do in order to start burning that fat around our waist and getting beach body ready. All right so first is alternative sweeteners. Okay so we talked about getting this sugar out of our body.

We don’t want to be putting sugar in our coffee and eating foods full of sugar. As a matter of fact we don’t even want to be eating excess carbs that are going to turn into sugar in the body, okay. But let’s go ahead and make sure we’re using alternative sweeteners that essentially don’t raise your insulin levels. Your body doesn’t even recognize these alternative sweeteners as a sugar.

Now alternative sweeteners that you can use our things such as erythritol, xylitol, and stevia. Now the reason I mentioned those three is is important that you’re not turning to things such as aspartame or the the splenda or any of those different poisonous sugars that are in many cases found in diet sodas and many diet products on the market.

So use alternative sweeteners so that you’re not raising your sugar levels and your body will stay in that fat-burning zone. The next big thing that you can do as a strategy is use intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is an incredible way to turn your body into a fat-burning machine. Essentially what it is, is it’s not, it’s not starving yourself. It’s not even reducing your food intake. Intermittent fasting is just eating all your meals within an eight period. And so you fast for 16 hours and it puts your body, it burns through these glycogen stores putting your body into a fat-burning state. And then what is doing also is it’s helping to balance out hormone and when the the hormones are balanced then your body is able to burn fat more efficiently.

So intermittent fasting does wonders for the body. Definitely use it. If you want to learn more about intermittent fasting I have a powerful video that teaches you all the tips and tricks about intermittent fasting but it once again it’s a great powerful trick that doesn’t require you to focus so much on reducing food intake but just eating all your food within an eight-hour period.

The video below discusses another form of fasting….water fasting

Next is high-intensity interval training. What high-intensity interval training essentially is is doing an extraordinarily intense workout in a 20 to 25-minute period. Now I say extraordinarily intense because by the time those 20 25 minutes are done you should be completely shot. I like to do high-intensity interval training a couple times a week and what mine will look like is maybe Sprint’s on the treadmill. It might look like some sort of circuit training and once again you’re doing it for only 20-25 minutes and it takes out all the excuses because anybody has time for a 20 to 25 minute workout. If you want to learn more about high-intensity interval training I have a super good podcast I did on that that will teach you all the ins and outs of it. And you know last last thing I want to mention about high-intensity interval training is it is the most scientifically proven exercise to help you burn fat because it boosts fat burning hormones within the body. Okay last thing we’re going to talk about is increasing your quality of diet. So it’s very important to make sure they are eating a high quality diet, okay.

If you want all this stuff to work right here we have to be eating a high quality diet. That means pulling out the processed foods, pulling out all the sugars, pulling out the chemicals that are found in your foods, eating good high quality meals, pulling out the hydrogenated fats, all the fried foods that you would get from a restaurant out of your diet and then that’s how you’re going to lose fat as well, okay. So it’s as full strategy all combined. It’s not just one or the other. A lot of people like to attach to one particular strategy. It’s everything together. Use all of this collectively and you’re gonna see weight loss just there is a fat just fly off your body. And I’d love to know, and you could post in the comments section below, if you’re using any of these strategies already because I’d love to know for fat loss and weight loss what you’re already using and what some of the what your experience is with it.

So go ahead and post in the comments below because I’d love to know. Once again guys this is a great way. Like if you do these things I promise you you’re going to lose weight fast, because you’re going to reduce inflammation in the body, you are going to make your hormones more sensitive, you are going to turn your body into a fat-burning machine, you are going use exercise as a strategy, you are going to use fasting as a strategy, and the fat will just fall off your body. So anyway I hope you incorporate these into your lifestyle because this is going to be the answer and it’s you know for most people they’re chasing some sort of gimmick some sort of weight loss fad in order to lose weight.

This is where it’s at ladies and gentlemen. This is sustainable. This last long-term. This works to heal your body in so many ways beyond weight loss. So follow this strategy and weight loss is going to be something you don’t even have to think about in your future. .




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