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Cleansing the body-give yourself a new lease of life

It is said that many health experts believe that many of the illnesses and diseases of today are brought on by ourselves, and by what you have read I think you will agree with that statement, and the reason for this insurgence of illnesses is because of the way we live our lives, and the sad thing is that there would be plenty of people out there that would not have any idea of what a detox is, and what the purpose of one is for. Just take a walk down the street and im sure you can tell who these people are without even asking them the question.
The whole purpose of detoxing means cutting off the consumption of anything toxic coming into contact with your body, this helps to strengthen our organs that play a big role in the detox process. These organs include your liver, lungs, kidneys, intestines, skin and your lymphatic system.
Now that you are getting to know what a detox can do for you I’d like to go over some of the common health symptoms that are warning signs for you telling you it is time for me to do a detox.
Feeling tired/fatigued.
Finding it hard to have a good night sleep.
You are noticing stomach pains.
You suffer from bad breath.
You are gaining weight at a fast rate.
You get sick a lot, like colds, coughs and the flu.
You seem to get stressed out too easily.
You are having headaches.
You have bowel issues.
You suffer from constipation and bloating
You suffer from memory loss.
Yes this is a long list of symptoms I’ve mentioned here that most of us seem to have on a regular basis, this list is really just general symptoms that could be caused by a number of things, but if you haven’t gone through a detox recently or never there is a good chance that most of these symptoms can be erased by a detox.
Detoxing should be considered about every four to six months depending on your diet and lifestyle, plus it also depends on how long you detox for, having an aching body, low energy, an exhausted mind and excess weight can all be eliminated by participating in a good detox, these symptoms are just your body’s way of telling you there is something wrong

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