Boris Johnson Lied-Covid-19 Has NOT Killed 100,000 People In The UK.

So the UK has reached an unenviable landmark of reaching 100,000 Covid-19 deaths as at 26th January 2021. Last night a tearful Boris Johnson presided over a news conference, where he gave a speech lamenting the deaths. According to the Prime Minister he says of the statistic that is  “hard to compute the sorrow contained in this grim statistic”. However, how did the Office of National Statistics arrive at this number? I find the counting of Covid-19 deaths dubious at best, because it counts the deaths as “deaths 28 days after testing positive for Covid” Richie Allen takes a critical and satirical look at the figures and gives his analysis in the article below. Do check out his radio show on Richie Allen is an award winning radio and television presenter and the host of The Richie Allen Show, the most listened to independent radio show in Europe. Visit the website here The Richie Allen Show






Boris Johnson has been taking acting lessons, judging by his performance at yesterday’s Downing Street Covid briefing. Angst-ridden, grief-stricken, hand-wringing, it was a masterful performance by the Prime Minister. He was there to discuss the news that the UK has allegedly  registered more than 100,000 Covid deaths, the first European country to reach that landmark. A dreadful business.

Johnson said that he took “full responsibility” for the government’s actions, saying: “We truly did everything we could. I’m deeply sorry for every life lost.” He went on to say that it was “hard to compute the sorrow contained in this grim statistic” and reserved his “deepest condolences” for those who had lost loved ones, including “fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, and the many grandparents who’ve been taken”. It was gripping.

Except that it is monumental bollocks of course. It’s not so much a Whopper as it is a Double Whooper with bacon and cheese, onion rings and an extra large Coke. It’s pure undiluted bullshit. Why are so many falling for it? I can only conclude that goldfish have longer memories than the average UK citizen. Remember, the government counts a coronavirus death, if someone dies within 28 days of testing positive.

Last Summer, Oxford University revealed that as many as one third of recorded coronavirus deaths, were people who died of “primarily other conditions.” This meant that for example victims of heart attack, stroke, brain haemorrhage, murder and traffic accidents were added to the Covid death toll if they had previously tested positive for the virus. And wait for it, Oxford found that this wasn’t just the case if they’d died within 28 days of the positive test. If someone tested positive last April and then got hit by a bus in July, they were listed as having died “with coronavirus” and added to the statistics.

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