Workout and weightloss help urgent?

Asked: Workout and weightloss help urgent?

I have joined a renowned gym from 8th April, 2013. I am also following a diet routine on their prescription. I am doing treadmill walk at 5.5km/hr speed for 15 mins everyday. On Mon, Wed and Fridays I am doing strength training as follows – 1. leg extension (15×3), 2. lat pull down (15×3), 3. pec fly (15×3), 4. lateral raise (15×3), 5. front raise (15×3), 6. D/B curl (15×3) . On Tues, Thurs, Saturdays I am doing treadmill walk as above, stationary bike 15 mins at 75-80 RPM and crunches. But still I am not able to lose weight like I expected. When I joined I was 69.3 kgs. Today I am 68.6 kgs. Is this ok? what should I do other than the above? My age 43 yrs (female). Pl help.


I love davina McCall DVDs for exercise, it's a lot of cardio with toning exercises as well, adiphene also helped with my appetite as I was eating everything in sight for a while because of hormonal changes x

You should check out

It's a video/guide a friend sent me a few months back. It helped me lose a lot of weight and get toned very quicky. I didn't have to stop eating bad foods either :D

Good luck!

I think you are working well but you should do in systematic ways. Some exercises like Legs circling movement, Cross-motion and kicking can be helpful to lose your weight quickly. For more information about how quickly lose weight, please read this article.

Ittakessix weeks to see significant results on a weight loss plan,
eventhoughyourbodyexperiencespositive cellular and molecular
changesas soon as you begin to eat better and exercise more. You may
onlysee little changes day to day–but stick with it! It IS working!
Afterroughly 42 days, those incremental losses will add up to a big,
motivatingdroponthescale.Inonestudyof300 dieters who
exercised 30 minutes daily, those who were overweight or obese lost up
to 16 pounds by the six-week mark. The lesson: Don't be discouraged if
youfailto see results quickly–your body is busy adjusting to your
changed habits and will produce positive news soon.

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