Should I get a colonoscopy?

Asked: Should I get a colonoscopy?

I remember hearing somewhere a male should get a colonoscopy every year after reaching a certain age. I'm turning 21 in March this year. Should I get a colonoscopy?


You're too young.Still, we eat food every day…

While that may sound normal, it is not. Every wild animal on the earth experiences days when they don't have food. While this thought may strike horror into your heart, it is actually healthy to take a break; especially for your colon.

The best way to experience this kind of break (and still eat) is to cleanse your colon. A colon cleanse is rejuvenating and can put your colon back into shape. Many people who use colon cleansing report that their constipation is gone after a good cleanse. In fact, when constipation returns it is often a signal from your body that it is time to cleanse your colon.

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Colonoscopy is done when something isn't working properly.
Normally a colonoscopy is recommended starting at age 50. if negative(no polyps ) every 5 to 8 years
Colonoscopy is one of several tests used to screen for colorectal cancer, the third most common cancer and cause of cancer mortality (after breast and lung cancer) in American women.
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The guidelines for getting a screening colonoscopy state to begin at age 50.If you have a family history of colon polyps or cancer then usually we begin doing colonoscopies at age 40.We will frequently do colonoscopies on people in their 20s if they have symptoms like pain or bleeding.Hope this clears it up for you.

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No mate, not unless something isn't working properly. These are usually reserved for later in life. Enjoy your younger years!!!

Yes, in 29 years.

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