Low calorie/sugar free sodas – are they ok?

Asked: Low calorie/sugar free sodas – are they ok?

I'm going back on a diet. Since my illness I haven't been able to exercise properly, so I'm moderating my calorie intake instead. I know the ins and outs of weightloss and maintenance, so I don't need any info on food. What I would like to know is how bad low calorie/sugar free sodas are for you? I'm obviously cutting out the full sugar versions, but if they don't have any sugar or added sweetners are the diet ones okay in moderation? Note, moderation. Not all the time. I have upped my intake of water, but sometimes a 7up is nice with your evening meal, or a cold diet coke is good straight from the fridge – I basically don't want to deny myself every single thing I enjoy, and I don't want to lose weight too fast either. I'm not going for stones here, just want to slim down.


In theory, yea. In realty, no. Diet soda are more harmful to you than regular due to the aspartame. If you want the soda, cut back to accommodate the soda or cut the soda in half. I know you didn't ask this, but instead of hard exercise, go for a walk. It will get your blood pumping and help you have your soda.

If you can avoid soda, do it, but if you absolutely need one, go ahead I guess…

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