I have sluggish digestion even though I eat lots of fibre? Help!?

Asked: I have sluggish digestion even though I eat lots of fibre? Help!?

I eat 2-4 slices of wholegrain bread a day (4g fibre per slice) I eat usually 2 pieces of fruit, at least a cup and a half of veggies, and nuts and seeds, yet I only move my bowels maybe once every 2-3 days…. and without being gross. not alot really comes out! I have lower back pain alot also…Its constantly like this even though I'm eating well. :/ whats wrong with me?


It sounds like your diet is really good… but food may be only part of the issue…

Many people are unaware of the fact that the colon was never designed to have food in it all the time. Think about it. All animals in the wild go through periods when they eat, and times when they dont. These fasting periods allow their guts a break from having to deal with food, and the colon needs this break.

A well-designed colon cleanse can mimic a fast without you ever having to stop eating! In addition, a colon cleanse helps to rejuvenate the entire digestive system. The end result is that your body works better and you feel great.

There is a lot of good info from the Medical Team here:

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Dr. Jill

How much do you weigh?Do you exercise?At times when I am eating right and exercising a lot, I may only move my bowels once every three days or so.It's a matter of consuming the calories your body needs without much left over and as a result, your body does not produce as much waste.

Is it hard for you to move your bowels?If not, your lower back pain may be unrelated.Is the pain constant?Is it worse after you move your bowels and then gets better until you do it again?

I'll say this about lower back pain.I had constant pain for quite a while and then I realized that perhaps it was my mattress.As soon as I got a new mattress, the pain went away.

Take Metamucil.Skip the bread.Eat whole grain cereal, no meat, no dairy.Have beans, barley.No butter.No fried stuff.Add soluble fiber to meals.Grind whole flax seeds.Have with two tablespoons of frozen orange juice.Make buckwheat groats.Eat prunes, dried apricots and raisins.Get checked for kidney infection. Nephrologist.See gastroenterologist, en re stomach.Get glycerin suppositories.

Try adding olive oil to a salad.It will get things moving along.Do this every other day.Bread is actually constipating.Also, nobody tells you this, but wholegrains can actually be tough on your intestines.

Drink more water. If you don't drink enough water the fiber you eat will have the opposite effect. They say to drink at least 64 ounces everyday, give it a try might help.

Drink boiled water (please don't drink hot water from the faucet. Eat about 6-7 small meals a day to speed up your metabolism. And keep eating what you are eating.

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