Help with colon cleanse/detox diet!?

Asked: Help with colon cleanse/detox diet!?

I want to do a colon cleanse/detox diet but when I searched it, I found a lot of products/companies trying to sell me things. I want to just change my diet for one week to get rid of the toxins in my body and I want to keep this as cheap as possible.
Some things that may be relevant are:
- this is my first time doing any kind of cleansing diet
- I am 19 years old
- I am not allergic to anything and am in generally good health
- Yes, physical activity is a part of my daily routine
- I am not caffeine dependent/I am not a coffee drinker

Any advice or websites would be much appreciated! I also found this website but I'm not sure how reliable it is:


I've followed this one… is safe, and was pretty effective for me…

Just be sure to stay hydrated while doing the cleanse.

Hope it helps!
Dr. Jill

any detox diet, releasing toxins in the body is serious business and should not be taken lightly.Due to improper diet the body starts to feel tired and sickly due to the toxins building up in the body.

yup its a gud idea to do colon cleanse as it clear the colon of some of the toxic fecal matter before it is burdened with the extra toxins coming in from the detox diet.

The colon cleanse recipe is very simple. Take 1 teaspoon of sea salt or Epson ingestible salt and add it to a 24 ounce glass of warm purified water and drink it immediately. Do this when you are going to be near a bathroom for an extended period of time, for it is quite fast acting. If this is not too uncomfortable, drink two glasses of this colon cleanse recipe, one glass in the morning and one at bedtime.
if u got this how to make colon cleanse recipe see the resource where u can get ample of information on how to make colon healthy :)

Gud Luck Dear :)

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